About Us


About Us

e-LITECOM Co., Ltd. is a major BLU (Back Light Unit) supplier located in Korea.

In order to better serve global customers,
we have established and operated stable global network of manufacturing sites in countries such as China and Vietnam.

In addition, we continue to develop new technologies, innovate manufacturing, and enhance production capabilities. We have been recognized by major domestic and foreign customers for manufacturing and design excellence, and we grow together with leading customers.

Key Values


    e-LITECOM provide the best product and services at right time that satisfy the customer’s need with continuous innovation and technology development


    e-LITECOM is the company utilize the rapidly changed environment and market as a chance, and challenge it and prepare the future without fear of the failure


    e-LITECOM is a corporate citizen who strictly complies with the law and ethics and respects customers, shareholders, executives and employees, business partners, and stakeholders in the community.