What is BLU?Back Light Unit

LCD is a display device for various information, but it does not have its own light-emitting capability, so it needs to control the external light source, and implement video information to be illuminated on the screen. BLU is the part that performs this function.

The BLU is a light source device that supplies visible light in the LCD, and the LCD displays images by adjusting the transmittance and color of visible light supplied from the BLU in pixels.

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Back Light Unit의 기본구조
  • 1 Prism Sheet

    By refracting collecting light from the diffuser sheet, the prism sheet increases luminance level at the surface of the backlight

  • 2 Diffuser Sheet

    Located at the top of the light guide panel, the diffuser sheet diffuses light emitted from the light guide panel to a set direction and evenly spreads them throughout the entire surface of the light guide panel

  • 3 Light Guide Panel

    The light guide panel received light emitted from a lamp by using a transparent acrylic panel and then evenly distributes them through out the entire screen area through patterns with a set size and shape that is deposited on to the surface of the transparent acrylic panel

  • 4 Reflector Sheet

    The reflector sheet reflects lights emitted from the bottom surface of the light guide panel and sends them back to the light guide panel.

  • 5 Mold Frame

    The mold frame is a type of case that fixes each part of backlight unit and makes them into the single-unit part of the back light

  • 6 LED

    LED is an acronym for Ligth Emitting Diode, and it is a small-scale light source that can be used semi-permanently. The LED is widely used in the backlight for information & communications devices for small-sized mobile phone terminals.